What to Expect

Here’s what you can expect to find at the EACM Spring Fling: An Evening of Festive Generosity on Saturday, March 11.


Say goodbye to the gloom and grey of winter and let the Spring Fling theme inspire a splash of your favorite colors! This is not a formal event and we suggest cocktail party attire.


Check-in will begin around 5:30 pm in the lobby of the Founders Union building. You don't need to bring a physical ticket. We'll check you in by name from our list of ticket purchases and reservations. If you purchase Church Basket raffle tickets in advance, you will have a 7-foot strip waiting for you at check-in.

Doors to the event space open at 6:00 pm. At that point, dinner will be ready, and the cash bar will be open with beer, wine, and spirits. You can also peruse church baskets.

Ways to Support EACM

International Travel Packages – EACM has partnered with AmFund again this year to bring you 8 fabulous travel packages available for silent auction.  An AmFund representative will be on-site to answer questions and provide more information. You will have three years to take your trip, with NO blackout dates!  Airfare is included on all trips, except one. Click here to view details about these travel packages.

50/50 Raffle – Each $20 raffle ticket gives you a chance to split the pot with EACM.  The more we sell, the more you win! Up to 500 tickets will be sold, so the winner could take home as much as $5,000!  Tickets are on sale now, and can be purchased from an EACM staff member, board member, or church representative. You do NOT have to present to win.

Gift Basket Raffle – Buy a strip of raffle tickets to use toward dozens of themed baskets. Classic themes include movie night, UK and UofL gear, baby shower, gardening, and more!  Add more tickets to your favorite baskets to increase your chances of winning!

At the event - $55 for a 6-foot strip, double that (12-foot strip) for $30 more. Order ahead and save $5 per 6-foot strip or $10 per 12-foot strip.

Spring Forward Challenge – Make the biggest impact! Give directly to the Annual Fund of Eastern Area Community Ministries and your investment will help stabilize families and avert a crisis. Your gifts keep the heat on, prevent evictions, and maintain clean water running in homes. You underwrite English as a Second Language (ESL) classes, hot meals to homebound seniors, and keep clean diapers on babies’ bottoms. Is there any better value?