3 Tips for EACM’s Online Auction

Make the most of EACM's online auction with these 3 tips! The Home and Away Online Auction is open until 9:00 PM on Saturday, April 10. To register and place your bid, visit the Home and Away auction site.  For answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions, check out the FAQ page. 

Take advantage of these three built-in features that can help make your experience a success!


1. Use the Auto-Bid feature

Auto Bidding allows you to Enter your maximum bid. Your bids will be automatically increased to the next high bid increment without exceeding your maximum bid amount. That way, you don't have to stay glued to the auction site all day. Just set it and forget it!


2. Use the Purchase Now option

Some items feature a Purchase Now button that lets you seal the deal and win that item instantly. Fortune favors the bold! If you have your heart set on an item, make it yours!

3. Extend the clock with Bid Wars  

If an item receives a bid in the final ten minutes of the auction, it will enter into a Bid War and the end time of that particular item will be extended, in ten-minute increments, until no bids are received. All other items will end at the appointed time. Get competitive and send the game into overtime!