5 Things You Didn’t Know About Diapers

Diaper Need is a major issue facing families with young children and can have far-reaching impacts on the health and stability of these families.

1. 1/3 of families struggle to afford diapers. Diapers are expensive! The average cost of diapers is $80 per month (per child) and 1/3 of families lack the resources to maintain a full supply of diapers.

2. Diaper Need a health care issue. Without an adequate supply of diapers, children are at higher risk of severe diaper rash and urinary tract infections. Along with the costs of additional doctor visits, this can contribute to emotional strain for both children and mothers. This can contribute to post-partum depression.

3. Diaper Need can be a barrier to employment. Parents are required to provide a supply of diapers at childcare facilities. If parents cannot afford a full diaper supply, their children must stay home. This can force parents to stay home with their children and lose their employment income.

4. A $1 investment in diapers can add $11 in personal income. Yes, you read that right! Investing in diapers can help keep children and families healthier, allow parents to keep working or attend school, and open long-term opportunities for growth and stability. To see how this was calculated, check out this 2018 report from the UCONN School of Business.

5. There are people and organizations who are already making an impact (including EACM). EACM operates a diaper closet and provides a supplemental diaper supply to families who are in need. Saint Bernadette Catholic Church (one of EACM’s partner churches) operates the only diaper bank in the state of Kentucky! Over the past year, they have donated between 15,000 and 20,000 diapers a month to 12 various community agencies. Louisville Metro Government is committed to addressing the issue of Diaper Need through the Office For Women.

Bonus Fact: EACM always needs large diapers – sizes 5 & 6. These sizes fly off the shelves!



How can I help?

This is a common question and there are some simple ways that you can make a difference!

Pick up a box of diapers while you’re out shopping. You can save a LOT by buying in bulk at Costco or Sam’s Club. Just drop them off at EACM or St. Bernadette.

Start a diaper drive with your office, school, church, or friends. It’s great for team building and you can even have a friendly competition between groups.

For families with young children, do a birthday party diaper drive! It’s a fun way to teach generosity, and you won’t get a ton of toys and stuffed animals that you don’t need!

Make a financial donation. Every dollar makes a difference!