Give For Good Louisville

Give for Good Louisville is a city-wide day of online giving, sponsored by the local Community Foundation. For the last few years, EACM has joined hundreds of other nonprofits all over Jefferson County seeking to be a collective force for good as we raise money for our various causes.


Our Goal

This year, we’ll once again be participating, and EACM has an aggressive goal of 20 thousand dollars in funds raised for our programs and services. Yep—$20k! We’re confident we can do it, though—with lots of help from our friends and supporters.


Every Gift Counts!

Here’s the thing -  with Give for Good, every little bit counts—even $10 can make a significant impact as there are prizes for number of individual donors, “golden tickets,” that up your total and the possibility of matching donors throughout the day. We’ve already got $800 in matching donations pledged, and anticipate more.


What Can I Do?

Join us! You can give any time during September 13th—but it must be online. You can find EACM's profile here. Feel free to come down to EACM and give from one of our secure computers—we can even walk you through it! Also, help us spread the word on social media, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates throughout the day. You can even join us as a peer fundraiser - for more info, call Julie Richardson at 502-426-2824 ext. 307.

Regardless, know that every dollar raised translates into more families being served by EACM. We’d love for you to be part of our investment in the community by helping us out on September 13th.  We look forward to including you in our 20 thousand dollars!