How will Metro Budget Cuts Impact EACM?

EACM faces a drastic cut in funding from the Louisville Metro Government, which must cover an annual shortfall of $35 million due to rising pension costs. On March 21, the Metro Council voted to reject a compromise that included a combination of budget cuts and an increase in insurance taxes.

Impact on EACM

The city will be cutting $35 million dollars from the annual budget starting July 1, 2019. Mayor Fischer has proposed his answer to those cuts that includes a 50% reduction in allocation to the Area Community Ministries. This means a loss of over $35,000 in revenue for EACM during this calendar year. Beginning in 2021, the Community Ministries would lose their funding entirely from the city – a loss of $75,800 annually for EACM.

Clearly, this will be devastating to EACM, specifically our Emergency Assistance program, which relies heavily on these funds.

How You Can Help

The Metro Council will have a chance to alter the Mayor's budget when it is proposed to them on April 25th.  However, there are no guarantees that the Council will amend the Mayor's proposed cuts to the Community Ministries.

The Metro Council makes its final vote on the budget at the end of June, and supporters of EACM must let our council members know that we cannot afford a cut in our allocation.

Metro Council members will be holding Town Halls to hear from their constituents, and they need to hear the concerns about cuts to EACM funding.

EACM already operates a tight budget, so even a 10% cut would cause a disruption in services and potential staff layoffs. If we say nothing, we cannot undo the damage after this funding disappears.

EACM Executive Director Carrie Gerard is available for conversation about this issue and its impacts at 502-426-2824 ext. 311.*  These will be difficult decisions for our council members, and other services facing budget cuts include libraries, law enforcement, code enforcement, garbage collection, and many other services that to which we are accustomed to enjoying.

Thank you for your interest in this critical issue!

*please note: Carrie Gerard will be out of the office until Monday, April 8.