August 2020 Newsletter

These days, we are flooded with numbers and statistics about the impact of coronavirus. Statistics can be overwhelming, and it's easy for individual people to get buried in the data - people like Michael.

Michael's Story

EACM caseworker Shiny Varughese checked in on "Michael" this morning. He requested rent assistance in July because the hours at his warehouse job had been reduced. It left him short to cover his housing costs that month. With the added resources provided by the One Louisville Fund and the Metro COVID relief funds, EACM was able to pay the amount necessary to catch him up on his rent.

Michael reported to Shiny that his hours have been restored and he’s doing “just fine” now. EACM receives calls all day from people like Michael, whose work and income have been disrupted by COVID-19. It's an honor to be able to respond and help improve the stability of our community every day!

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