Supporter Highlight – Martha Groene

Since before EACM was EACM--back when it was known as the Neighborhood Visitor Program--Martha Groene has been a supporter and deeply invested community member. She first came to EACM as a volunteer at the prompting of two friends who were already volunteers and through Epiphany Catholic Church, an EACM member church.

Martha and her family are donors, and this is no small thing--EACM depends on the financial support of its friends and neighbors to do its work. But Martha has also spent countless hours supporting the work of EACM as a volunteer. She has worked in Emergency Assistance, where she says, "I meet the most delightful people," and where she says she has grown to admire the clients who are able to do so much with what little resources they have.

Martha also serves as an ESL teacher, and has worked with students from China, Japan, Mexico, Nicaragua, and various Middle Eastern countries. She says the students she has worked with are some of the most warm and welcoming folks she has known, and she feels blessed to be able to work with them and known them.

Martha says that she is drawn to EACM because she knows she is helping her local neighbors, and she feels there are many hard working poor who would simply "fall through the cracks," without the work of EACM.

Thank you, Martha, for the work you do on behalf of our community's most vulnerable. We are thankful for your support, your presence, and your ongoing witness to our mission!