Supporter Highlight – Steve and Connie Harrison

Sixteen years ago, Connie Harrison heard about EACM from a friend who was volunteering with us. She joined her friend in volunteer service, and has been with us ever since, most notably these days as a Meals on Wheels volunteer.

We're so grateful for Connie's service and the ways her volunteering here blesses the lives of our EACM neighbors. But - her support goes even deeper, as she and her husband Steve are also faithful financial supporters of EACM. (Connie and Steve are pictured above, center, with other EACM supporters.)

"They need to know they are not alone."

When asked, "Why EACM?" Steve and Connie responded, " (Because it's an) opportunity to help those vulnerable and in their time of need, and to give them hope, particularly the very young and senior citizens.  They need to know they are not alone."

Steve and Connie added, "Everyone matters and is loved by God. So many of us have been blessed, and supporting EACM will be a blessing to you and those you help."

Most recently, the Harrisons gave to EACM via a stock transfer - a process which isn't complicated at all, but that can be a really generous way to do philanthropy*.

Thank you, Steve and Connie, for your commitment, generosity and ongoing support of EACM. We are truly grateful, and know that more folks than we even realize have been blessed by your efforts.


*If you are interested in learning more about stock transfer options as gifts to EACM, please contact Julie, EACM's Development Manager. She'd be happy to walk you through the process - it's quick and easy!