Volunteer Appreciation Day – Oct. 27

Volunteers are the heartbeat of EACM, and we’re going to show our appreciation on Thursday, October 27. 

We’ll have a drive-thru set up in John Knox Presbyterian Church parking lot where you can drive-thru and pick up a few tokens of our gratitude, including some goodies and a boxed lunch.

Schedule your pick-up time by Friday, Oct. 21

To place meal orders (and avoid a traffic jam), we will schedule pick-up times in advance. To reserve your meal and pick-up time, please contact Melissa Sego at msego@eacmonline.org or 502-896-2316.


Should I come if I don’t want a lunch? Absolutely! We’ll have other goodies for you and want to show you in person how much we appreciate you!

What are the pick-up times? Pick-up times are in half-hour blocks from 9:30 AM – 2:00 PM.

What’s in the boxed lunch? Chicken salad on a croissant, pasta salad, a bag of chips and dessert, plus a bottle of water. We will also provide a vegetarian option upon request.

Thank you so much for your helping our neighbors stay fed, sheltered, and safe through your commitment to EACM!